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The Estate of Michael Ayrton

Michael Ayrton, painter, sculptor, writer and broadcaster, died in 1975.  His spectacular bronze Minotaur can be seen at the Barbican, London; the bronze figure of Talos, the eternal, sentinel, stands in Petty Cury, Cambridge and Icarus Rising is on display at the RAF Museum, Hendon. 


His paintings and sculptures can be seen at Tate Britain and in many public collections nationally and internationally.


You can also visit the Art UK website to explore Ayrton paintings in galleries throughout Britain.


His work is represented by the Keith Chapman Gallery in Scarborough.


All questions of copyright and authenticity are handled by the Michael Ayrton Estate, for which Justine Hopkins is the main point of contact. Her book, Michael Ayrton: A Biography was published by Andre Deutsch in 1994, and she has also written a number of Catalogue Introductions to exhibitions of his work.  


If you are interested in Ayrton, or have a piece of his work which you would like authenticated, please get in touch through the ‘Contacts’ section.


Both works on this page are by Michael Ayrton.



Maze Player 1965 (Bronze)



The Terrace at Night (Self Portrait) 1957 (Oil and Ripolin on board)​​​​​​​​​


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